Boho Fridays ✌️

Who else feels better about themselves when they dress in head-to-toe cuteness? There’s power in taking care of yourself. Anything from feeding your body well, moving often, training your mind daily, spiritually exercising yourself…and even dressing well. Read More

Give me cheek bones, pretty please

I’m almost 30 [in 2.5 months, but who’s counting?], so I’ve started to fork over every penny and spend hours on end researching the latest and greatest beauty, makeup & skincare fixes. I’m also chugging more water than ever before – the greatest [and least expensive] trick of them all 😉

As part of my beautifying journey, I’m teaching myself how to properly contour my face. After all, if you can make those cheek bones pop, you shave off 10 years right there. I’ve contoured my face in some way or another for years, but I’ve just learned that I wasn’t exactly doing it right. I think I was teetering on the side of the jersey-shore-let’s-cake-our-face-in-bronzer look versus accentuating my features in a ‘classy and sophisticated’ manner.

So, I’m taking you on my journey to learning the real deal… Read More

My fall fashion indulgences

Pretty clothes are the way to a girls heart. I mean, with one swipe of the credit card, it seems like our worries are washed away. Am I right or am I right? 😉

But, seriously. Clothing your body in a way that makes you feel beautiful, confident and sassy, no matter what size or shape you are, is totally worth the price tag [contrary to what your husband says]. Yes, long-term self love, satisfaction and confidence comes from within, but there’s no shame in a little boost now and again. Fashion has the power to completely transform how you see yourself, in the moment. It’s a pretty cool and empowering thing, so much so that it’s actually deemed a potential addiction, like cocaine, alcohol & gambling [I can see why]. Read More