Monday Motivation

Happy MONDAY ya’ll! I wanted to share a GREAT reminder from my devotional today 🙏🏼✌🏼

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Why I choose to make choices from love vs. restriction & deprivation

Still on my Lent kick, so bear with me. And, if I think about it, I probably will be for the next 39 days 😉

If you recall, I wrote a blog on 19 things you should consider giving up for Lent. If you haven’t read it, obvi you should. They’re not your typical chocolate & alcohol sacrifices either.

Well, as we know, I vowed to pick one from this list (giving up feelings of unworthiness) & practice it religiously day and night for 40 days. I, along with many gals, struggle with this. Even if we look happy, pretty, confident & like we have it all, sometimes we really don’t know what’s going on inside. I’ve had a lifelong battle with an eating disorder and probably will always struggle with this to a certain degree. But, I have committed myself for the Lent duration to make this my main priority — give myself a little TLC, if you will.

But, I also wanted to give up something that was tangible. If you’re competitive like me, you want everything you do to be measurable. Read More

Love YOU, first.


This Instagram post by Being Is Beautiful was too good not to share. From divorce to loneliness to working effortlessly to get back to a place where the only person who can fill my voids is ME,  I can really relate to this message. I bet you all can too.  Read More

Valentine’s Day Isn’t Just About Others

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about saying “I love you” to your other half. It’s not just about flowers, chocolates, wine & GALentine time.

It’s about self love too. And, I’m not just saying this for all the single ladies out there [hand raised]. Read More

When God KEEPS whispering to you, listen

I got back from the gym this morning, opened the door to the smell of bacon & fresh coffee brewing, and I thought…man, I could really get used to this. Bri –the new beau — was cooking breakfast so it would be ready for my hungry belly when I returned. Yes, ladies, he’s real. And no, you can’t have him. 

We sat down to eat our perfectly made eggs, bacon & coffee and I snapped a photo of our breakfast (because, obvi, you can’t eat without snapping) before opening my devotional — a morning ritual for me (something that B is still getting used to).

I, unfortunately, missed yesterday’s devotional – hence why my Monday was a little off. So, I was determined to catch up on the Oct. 17 AND Oct 18 message.

I quickly noticed that the Oct. 17 page was permanently bookmarked. I read the first line and it immediately took me back to Oct. 17, 2015. Read More

What a good reminder this is, isn’t it?

I am really good with finding beauty in the little things. It’s the little things that make me happy. The sun shining, birds chirping, beautiful sunsets, long runs, telephone calls with long-distance girlfriends, doggy kisses, fresh flowers, coming home to a made bed — these are the things that make me smile and give me peace everyday. Read More

Fitness isn’t a chore, it’s a gift

Fitness isn’t a punishment…it’s a blessing. Nutrition isn’t restrictive…it’s healing. Health isn’t a one-size-fits-all and may not look the same for everyone. But, it’s worth fighting for. ~ BuffBunny

How do YOU view fitness?

I know for me, fitness used to be my entire life. I went to school, the gym, to sleep, and hit ‘repeat’ day in & day out. I got up every morning ECSTATIC that my body was healthy and that I got to work out that day. I would plan my workout regimen while brushing my teeth and could hardly wait to get out the door to tackle it. Needless to say, I was in the best shape of my life. And it was effortless, because it was my passion. It made me feel good.

Somewhere along the way, counting calories & carbs, comparing myself to others & the need to lose weight brainwashed me. Fitness became an addiction — my means to become as perfect as possible. Slowly but surely, my passion became my obsession, and instead of “getting” to workout, I “had” to workout to maintain that feeling of perfection. Read More