Pasta…without the carbs. Yes, please.

Ever dream of indulging in pasta, but steer clear because of the massive overload of carbs hiding within and the blood sugar roller coaster that will surely ensue shortly after?  Me, me, me.

Well, those days are no more, thanks to the spiralizer & zucchini noodles.

Obvi, this concept isn’t anything new, but, it is to me. I’ve been intrigued by the contraptions that string vegetables into noodles for a long time, but never treated myself to one. Thanks to Mama Bear though, I unwrapped one for Christmas and immediately put it to good use.

Since I get overwhelmed with new kitchen equipment, I kept the recipe simple for the first time around. Good ole spaghetti with meat sauce never disappoints 😊 Continue reading “Pasta…without the carbs. Yes, please.”

Spaghetti for Low Carbers

If you’re close to me, you know that I am NOT a fan of bread or pasta. I think this started with the brainwashing we all experienced during the Atkins & Southbeach Diet craze. My mom and sister went low carb immediately (and lost a million pounds), but I had always eaten carbs and worked out, and somehow managed to lose weight, look good & feel great.

Well thanks to you ‘low carb phase,’ you finally got the best of my mind and I haven’t been the same since.

Good news is, I’m back to eating healthy carbs like sweet potato, quinoa pasta & Ezekiel bread. And I do love me some staple high-carb dishes, one being Spaghetti. So, I make it my mission to find healthy ways to satisfy my guiltiest of pleasures.

Enter the SPAGHETTI SQAUSH. Continue reading “Spaghetti for Low Carbers”

The real deal about alcohol and fat loss

If you ask my friends, they’ll tell you I love my wine and I love my fitness. But sometimes they don’t go hand in hand. I say sometimes, because I continue to try to make that relationship work. The problem is that these days, I like the former way more than the latter. And with all the goals I have for myself, this habit is just not in alignment with the direction I want to take. Continue reading “The real deal about alcohol and fat loss”