Setbacks + 1 Month Transformation

✨Never be ashamed of your story. It just might inspire someone else. ✨

So, here goes my rant + before and after 1 month progress pic [insert vulnerability feeling here].

I fell off the wagon hard last weekend. Exhaustion set in from work trips and I was craving all the salty carbs in the close Raleigh vicinity. And for the first time in 2 months, I gave in. I took a nose dive in wine, Chinese, French fries, you name it. Although I’ve bounced back strong with nutrition and my workouts this week, my body was still fighting all the crap it wasn’t used to.

Since my body was feeling like 💩, so was my mind. I was down on myself for slipping and couldn’t shake it. So, I took an accountability photo last night and compared it to one exactly ONE MONTH AGO (July 22). And look 👀 Holy cow. I know we’re all human and we have weak moments, but this proves that our minds can completely F us over (if we let it). So STOP listening to the toxic voice in your head, keep to what you know works for your body (healthy eating, fitness, meditation, yoga, whatever it is), say kind affirmations to yourself daily and stay in faith that it WILL PAY OFF. Sometimes the journey is messy and it doesn’t feel good, but this is proof we are still making strides even when we don’t think we are.

Stick with it y’all. You got this. 👊💪❤

Sometimes, a setback is a set up for a come back.

First picture: July 22
Second picture: August 22

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