How You Know the Universe is Trying to Tell You Something

Every day in Yoga Sculpt, before you start, the teacher asks you to set an intention.

This morning, I closed my eyes and said “letting  go.”

…of every person, every feeling, everything that’s not serving me anymore.

Then, the teacher sometimes chimes in and offers her personal intention with the class. Not a second later she says:

“Today I encourage you to LET IT GO.”



I was shocked that her words exactly mirrored mine.

Back story—I have felt stuck lately in many facets of my life, not really knowing what’s worth my time, effort and heart, what pieces of my life need to be shed and what’s next for me. Because we all know that you can never move forward—fulfill your purpose, meet ‘your person’ or become who He has planned you to be—if the wrong things are filling you up and weighing you down.

So, I surrendered a couple days ago and told God I needed a sign. I was at a loss and needed a hint to point me in the right direction.


It was not a coincidence.

And, it was SO liberating.

If something is weighing on your heart today (like it was mine), ask Him for a sign. Ask Him for direction and I guarantee you’ll get it. He and the universe around you is ALWAYS working for your goodyou just have to be patient and keep your eyes, ears and heart open.

Now, I’m starting my day with a clearer mind, happier heart and much less weight on my shoulders.

Why don’t you try it?

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