Monday Motivation

Happy MONDAY ya’ll! I wanted to share a GREAT reminder from my devotional today 🙏🏼✌🏼

Sometimes we wonder why we are the way we are. Sometimes we beat ourselves up for letting us get to this point. Sometimes we don’t understand why our efforts aren’t creating greater change, in the timeframe we want them to. Sometimes life happens to us and we blame ourselves. Sometimes we get so frustrated, down, stressed, depressed & shamed because of these feelings, and then we feel like we can’t fight or reverse this self-depricating roller coaster we’ve put ourselves on. Am I right or am I right? I know I feel like this more often than not.

Well, this devotion helped snap me out of my never-ending thoughts & overwhelming feelings. And I thought it might help you do the same…..

Remember, to be kind to yourself. Give yourself credit for all your little efforts (they are making a difference even if it’s slow). Treat yourself like you love yourself everyday; the transformation that comes from that will make everything else fall into place. And above all, ALWAYS have trust that you ARE going somewhere and WILL be the gal you want to be. Nothing happens overnight. Have patience and enjoy the journey!!!!!

Because it’s a beautiful journey ❤️ And you are a BEAUTIFUL you just the way you are.


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