Confusion Sucks

Words by the beautiful Kylie McBeath of Being Is Beautiful. Too good not to share with you lovelies…

“Confusion really sucks. And I could really try and paint it up by saying behind every confused moment lives a new level of clarity – but that doesn’t take away the shitty feelings that come with feeling confused, disconnected, powerless, hopeless, stuck, scared, anxious, depressed…you name it – straight up sucks.

So what’s going on in these blurry times? Yep, you guessed it — our emotions are bubbling up to the surface and throwing our minds for a loop. We’re being asked to potentially learn a lesson, release some emotional baggage and finally let go of the desire to be different than who we are right now.

Give yourself permission to be messy, feel it out, and clear what’s trying to come up. We can’t fight it, and we definitely can’t run from it forever — so what can we do? We can soften into it and surrender needing to know what’s on the other side of it….because,well…what else are we going to do?

Right where you are. Stay there. Sit there. Breathe into it. And let the presence of that directed attention be the windshield wiper that drops you back into your heart…❤ #beingisbeautiful”


Happy Friday & cheers to the freakin’ weekend!







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