Love YOU, first.


This Instagram post by Being Is Beautiful was too good not to share. From divorce to loneliness to working effortlessly to get back to a place where the only person who can fill my voids is ME,  I can really relate to this message. I bet you all can too. 


“I used to believe the feeling of loneliness & the space of being alone were one in the same. One created the other. That because I was alone, I felt lonely. But after a few years in the ring of life experience, I realize that these are two drastically different concepts.

For starters, just because you might be in a relationship doesn’t mean you don’t feel lonely, or have that longing for a deeper connection – a deeper love.

For me, I realized that I used to fill this emptiness – this disconnection from me – with men. Yep, I used relationships as my #1 distraction tool to avoid myself. My loneliness.

After my divorce, I became single for the first time really since I was 16 – red flag – and I vowed to stay single till I created a foundation of self-love + understanding of who I was, what I wanted. Not to mention, I had a heart, identity and a world that I needed to put back together and heal first.

Loneliness turns to love when we start tuning into our hearts and giving ourselves the love, validation, and permission we crave to be who we truly are. With a connection to source – to our deeper purpose for being here – the need for a relationship to prove our worthiness falls away. You’re worthy regardless of your age, relationship status, grades, career, religion, mistakes, anything.

The deeper we connect with ourselves, the more connected we feel to everyone. ❤ #beingisbeautiful

And #FindingYourBeautiful is so crucial. Make that your goal this week. Love YOU first & the rest falls into place ❤



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