Video: The key to a happier life

A friend shared this video with me a couple weeks ago when little life things were crashing and burning all around me and I felt a weight of a thousand bricks on my shoulders. Enough was enough at that point and I finally gave in…to letting it consume me. Along with feeling sorry for myself, I felt depressed, lost and shameful with no light at the end of the tunnel.

Let’s just say I was definitely letting the little things get under my skin, define who I was and damper my perspective on life and the future. As silly as it sounds typing it now, I felt overwhelmed to the point I was blinded to any ways of crawling out.

And then, this video popped up in  my inbox. It was an important reminder that these little things in the grand picture of life do not matter. Our focus should remain on the man above and the “golf balls” mentioned in this video. It is our daily challenge to ensure the “little things” or the “sand” do not get the power to rock our boats, change our perspectives, question our paths or shake the ground from under us. *PS: don’t think I don’t know this is obviously easier said than done. 

It’s Monday and we all have the chance to start this week on a good note. Nurture the golf balls and drink a few beers, but let the sand go 🙂

Golf balls: The important things — your family, friends, passions.
Pebbles: The other important things — your home, car, job.
The sand: Everything else — the small stuff.
Beer: Fun, because YOLO.

Happy new week (and snow days for some of us!).


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