I’m deep into a new book called “You’re Already Amazing — Embracing Who You Are, Becoming All God Created You to Be” by the fab Holley Gerth.

Today while reading, I stumbled across a mini poem that I wanted to repeat to you.

You know when you’re in some type of “funk,” and those little inspirational whispers that happen to come your way at just the moment you need them most (thanks to the man upstairs)? This was one of those whispers for me, today. 

If you’re struggling with being okay with who you are & what your life looks like right now;  not enjoying the mundane of everyday life, yearning for a big move, promotion or change, always wishing, hoping, wanting more, longing to find your “purpose” or “person,” or simply thinking life would be better if you…did this or had that, I’d suggest keeping this one in your back pocket.

For me, I have big dreams & aspirations, and nothing in the here & now is ever “good enough,” – body, career, relationships, you name it. It’s important to acknowledge, value & show gratitude for the little things — it strips our happiness (and our present) if we don’t.

Enjoy ❤



I’ve been thinking of you right there in the middle of the ordinary…

changing diapers, writing reports,

driving, cleaning, fixing, blessing.

Ordinary is hard for me.

Is it ever hard for you?

I like the new.

The exciting.

And yet it seems God has been whispering

that I need to look at the ordinary with new eyes.

All that seems small can be really BIG.

And what we do everyday

matters more than we know,

more than we see.

You are making a difference.

You deserve to be applauded —

for just digging in, doing what you do,

keeping at it no matter what.

So from the bottom of my heart…

Thank YOU

for all you do.

(I’ve got a feeling it brings joy to God too.)

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