I’m still learning to let go of the control & trust my heart & Him.

I feel like you go crazy overthinking, trying to figure things out, steer in a different direction, and why? Why put so much energy into it when He’s already got this life thing planned out?

I found myself going to that fear place this morning, the “what if” place that gets us nowhere, but feeling crazy, exhausted, emotional, anxious & probably acting in ways that don’t serve us or the people around us.

But I stopped myself. Because nothing happy & healthy comes from there. Let it go, trust your gut (or the “vibes” my hippie self would say) and give it up to Him.

I listened to a song this morning on the radio and the lyrics were:

You’re life isn’t falling apart, it’s falling into place. ❀

KNOW this in every part of your being. It will keep your heart more at rest, allow you to be more present and accept things as they are. TRUST that things are falling into place for you — despite setbacks, disappointments & failures.

It’s so SO hard, I know, but absolutely necessary [especially for peace of mind] πŸ™ŒπŸ½πŸ™πŸΌπŸ’•

Who’s going to try this today?




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