Fitness isn’t a chore, it’s a gift

Fitness isn’t a punishment…it’s a blessing. Nutrition isn’t restrictive…it’s healing. Health isn’t a one-size-fits-all and may not look the same for everyone. But, it’s worth fighting for. ~ BuffBunny

How do YOU view fitness?

I know for me, fitness used to be my entire life. I went to school, the gym, to sleep, and hit ‘repeat’ day in & day out. I got up every morning ECSTATIC that my body was healthy and that I got to work out that day. I would plan my workout regimen while brushing my teeth and could hardly wait to get out the door to tackle it. Needless to say, I was in the best shape of my life. And it was effortless, because it was my passion. It made me feel good.

Somewhere along the way, counting calories & carbs, comparing myself to others & the need to lose weight brainwashed me. Fitness became an addiction — my means to become as perfect as possible. Slowly but surely, my passion became my obsession, and instead of “getting” to workout, I “had” to workout to maintain that feeling of perfection.

This perfection that most of us ladies feel we have to continuously strive for RUINS whFullSizeRender-34at fitness is all about (it ruins much more than that, honestly).

I no longer jumped out of bed. I dreaded my 5:30 am morning alarm — snoozing it more often than not, lying in bed finding any and every excuse not to hit the gym. When I finally did convince myself to go “because I couldn’t lose weight if I didn’t,” I would only hit the elliptical just to “get it done,” vs. experimenting, pushing beyond my boundaries, enjoying time with gym buddies & really maximizing my sweat time (what I used to do). I always wanted to push myself because that’s when I felt my best — not anymore.

My top passions in life had been RUINED completely — fitness AND food. But in reality, they weren’t really ruined, I was just looking at them the wrong way, focusing on the wrong things, setting the wrong goals, drowning in my own negative body image.

Fast forward to today: I still struggle with this daily, especially with an injury, but my perspective has changed.



Let me make this very clear: You don’t ‘have’ to work out. You ‘get’ to work out.

The minute your mentality changes from ‘get to’ to ‘have to,’ is the minute you lose the ability to benefit from the power of fitness. In that minute, bettering yourself becomes less fun & more of a chore, it becomes about guilt & shame vs. improvement and opportunity, it becomes a reminder that “you’re not good enough” and it becomes a suck of energy.

Fitness give us LIFE. It makes us healthy so we can LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH, WORK, GIVE. Fitness is community. Fitness is a network of support. Fitness is FUN. Fitness is a GIFT given to us – a gift that should not be taken advantage of, abused or ignored.

Like BuffBunny said, fitness isn’t a chore, it’s a blessing. Food isn’t supposed to be restrictive, it’s meant to nourish the soul.

Our job is to focus less on perfection and more on the positive aspects fitness affords us. Once we start to alter our outlook, we will begin to see the transformational power of fitness. I can tell you for a fact that if we were excited to go to our gym class, we’d likely:

  • push harder and maximize our time & energy
  • interact & connect with others doing the same around us (sense of community does wonders for our mental well-being)
  • experience a feeling of pride, strength & connection
  • see results (because our hearts are into it & we have a burning desire to be our very best)

Perspective is a powerful thing. Alter how you look at fitness & it will certainly alter how it gives back to you.





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