Low Carb Turkey Taco Stuffed Peppers

So many of you have been asking about my yummy-in-my-tummy taco stuffed peppers seen on my Snapchat. Well, today’s your day. I’m sharing my secret.

This recipe is SO easy, you won’t believe it. But, it has also come a long way. Many improvements have HAD to been made along the way… 😉

If you know me, you know I’m a lover of all things SkinnyTaste. I started with her version of turkey stuffed peppers and found that many of her ingredients did NOT sit well with me. Example: cilantro (among other ingredients). Cilantro and I just don’t get along. So, each time I tried this recipe again, I made slight tweaks to get it just right.

The result: this bomb-ass recipe I’m about to let you in on!!!!


  • 4 green or red peppers
  • Fresh garlic or garlic powder
  • Coconut oil
  • 1 sweet onion
  • Organic baby spinach
  • Ground turkey (preferably all-natural)
  • Green chilies
  • Low sodium taco seasoning
  • Low sodium chicken broth (or chicken bouillon cubes)
  • Shredded Mexican cheese (optional)
  • Light sour cream (optional)
  • Organic salsa (optional)
  • Any other ingredients you think might be tasty (esp. veggies..the more the merrier)! You should feel empowered to experiment with your food, knowing your taste buds, likes/dislikes & guilty pleasures. Cooking is all about trial & error (mostly error for me, except for this one…I promise)
  • Brown or wild rice (for a little carbs — this recipe is low carb)
  • Foil



Pour a glass of red wine for yourself (always the first step).

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.



Dice your sweet onion.

Throw spinach & onion in a pan. Sauté with coconut oil & fresh garlic (garlic powder works too if you don’t have the fresh version. Make sure it’s not garlic SALT…two VERY different things!)


While your onion & spinach (and any other fav veggies you want to throw in there) are sizzling, cut each green pepper in half & clean out the middle, including the seeds.


Place hollow green peppers on a cookie sheet or in a glass baking dish — whichever you have on-hand. I personally recommend a glass dish (mine was still packed from moving 6 mo. ago — don’t judge), since it has higher sides & will make sure all your ingredients stay put, especially your chicken broth. Think about it: the smaller the dish & higher the sides, the less space your ingredients have to move around…meaning the more moisture, marinating & taste your pepper concoction will get.


Now it’s time to heat up your chicken broth. If you don’t have straight chicken broth (I never do because it goes bad SO fast & I can never use an entire box), throw a couple of chicken-flavored bouillon cubes into water & bring to a boil.

With that said, organic, fresh chicken broth is the way to go as it won’t have AS MUCH sodium as the bouillon cubes (think about it: these bouillon cubes can last forever…gross).

I know…I’m hating on my own methods. But at least I’m giving you the ideal alternatives 😉


When finished, add the chicken broth to the bottom of your cookie sheet or baking dish, soaking the bottom of your peppers (a centimeter or less).


Can you tell this recipe is all about multitasking? That’s the secret to cooking, I’ve learned.

So, back to your sautéed veggies (I hope you’ve stirred them a couple times through this process). Time to add your meat. My go-to is organic ground turkey. This time I chose 93% fat-free, but usually I do 85% for more fat & flavor. Never be afraid of healthy fats, girls!!! So good. You can also choose a lean beef too, if that suits your fancy. Really, any meat can work with this recipe (the best part).

Add your meat to the pan & continue to break up and sauté with the veggies. Note to the wise: I NEVER drain my pan because I have so little fat in my meats (you will have a lot more fat if you’re working with a high-fat meat) & that little juice you get from the meat really beefs (no pun intended) up the flavor of your dish.


Once your meat is mostly cooked, you’ll want to add your spices. I took the easy route & went with a lower sodium taco seasoning. But, I usually naturally flavor my taco meat with spices in the cabinet — cumin, chili powder, onion powder, etc. — to lower the sodium content (comment or message me for my all-natural taco concoction!). I also add chopped green chillies & black beans here. I went with the lower carb option this time, so you don’t see the black beans 🙂 (although they are a GREAT source of protein)

Let your pepper mixture marinate for a good 5 – 10 minutes.


Then, the fun part begins!

Fill your peppers with your delish taco turkey filling. Sprinkle cheese on top, if you’d like. I am trying to cut back on dairy so I made some with cheese, some without.

Cover with foil & put in the oven. Cook 45 minutes.


Ta da. Final product below. Top with salsa, sour cream, parsley or anything else your lovely heart desires.


& enjoy guilt-free!!! These are super low carb & so, so delicious. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do ❤



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