Boho Fridays ✌️

Who else feels better about themselves when they dress in head-to-toe cuteness? There’s power in taking care of yourself. Anything from feeding your body well, moving often, training your mind daily, spiritually exercising yourself…and even dressing well.


Yes, it might seem a little superficial to some. But, learning to dress your beautiful body in a way that makes you FEEL good can really transform not only how you see yourself, but how you hold and exude yourself to the world. The confidence boost, the self-love you feel, the smile not only on your mouth but in your eyes — these things are contagious to others. People can feel energy and if you bring happy & positive vibes to the world around you, it literally has the power to change how you experience your days.

Isn’t that cool?

It might seem crazy to some of you. Update your wardrobe and all of a sudden you can lead a more confident, joyful life.

If only it were that easy! But honestly, it helps. And every little thing counts, right?

It’s obviously not everything, but it’s part of the whole! Yes, you still need to drink your water, take your vitamins, strengthen your body, practice meditation, make your bed, wash your face, pet your dog, take baths, eat well, and any other activities you practice to take care of yourself and keep your mind, body and spirit strong.

But, if you’re looking for an instant boost (sometimes us females just need that), try getting creative with your style and giving yourself permission to show off your outfit and how it makes you feel.

People appreciate happiness. They like to be around it.

Remember: size, weight, health, happiness — it ALL starts from within.

So, my advice: Take care of yourself regularly. And part of that —> invest in a wardrobe that makes YOU feel good. And I don’t mean, clothes that you WANT to fit into a month from now. I mean pieces that make you feel ah-mazing in the here and now.

A word to the wise: Buying the size down because of your high hopes for losing 10 pounds, only messes with your mind, frustrates you more & makes you feel less-than. Accept yourself now . Dress your CURRENT body, because it’s BEAUTIFUL. I guarantee that the more you feel good RIGHT NOW, the more motivated you’ll be to continue to practice healthy habits that will get you to where you want to be — weight and all.

On that note, this is my boho Friday look ✌️ What does your Friday look consist of?

Happy Friday FMB babes 😘 xo

Fashion Picks (if you’re interested in dressing exactly like me ;)):
Dress & Fringe Vest: Vestique
Indian-Inspired Locket Necklace: Ann Taylor Loft
Sandals: Target Style
Accessories/Bracelets: Cross Bracelet – Altar’d State; MantraBand, ALEX AND ANI, Topshop & other boutique gems.

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