Change your thoughts & you’ll change your world

I found this quote in one of the books I’m currently diving into and wanted to share with you.

This statement is so true. Isn’t it?


Your body & your life are a direct reflection of your state of mind. The toxicity of your thoughts determines how you see and feel about yourself, and how the world views you too. If your mind is saying ‘you’re fat and unworthy of love,’ then your body will most certainly scream the same message to the universe. I can also guarantee every aspect of your life will also show that lack of self-love.  It may manifest itself in different ways – extra weight, judgement of others, jealousy, irritability, isolation, inability to take care of oneself, troubled relationships, and the list goes on.

That’s why one of my favorite quotes is:


Harder said than done….believe ME.

But we’re all a work in progress, and progress, not perfection, is good. The more we can be aware of the impact of our thoughts, the more we can accept and transform them for the positive. ️

Once that transformation happens, our bodies and lives will slowly but surely fall right into place.


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