The importance of setting goals in 2016


Goals are not only absolutely necessary to motivate us. They are essential to really keep us alive. ~ Robert H. Schuller


It’s true. If we’re not striving for something bigger and better, then what’s the point?

It would be like waking up every day, not knowing what you’re doing or where you’re going.

I was listening to the radio this morning and they were covering a recommendation recently released by who knows who on the age in which ‘you’re too old to start over.’ Guess what age? FORTY. Can you believe it? I feel like some people’s lives are just beginning then! It infuriated me, especially after writing this blog post.

The lady DJ quickly chimed in and said,

“in my opinion, when you STOP striving for more or ‘starting over’ – whether it be with your career, health or relationship – then, that’s when you die. That’s when you should be scared.”

AMEN SISTER. They need to throw whatever study that was in the TRASH.

Honestly, if we don’t map out our goals, tend to and nurture them, like we do with anything else we care about – our bodies, kids, homes and careers – we’d walk aimlessly through life without any path to our larger purpose. Heck, we may even never reach our true potential – and that’s a scary thought!

Yes, you can love your life, you can be comfortable with your life. Especially you momma’s who love to spend time with your babies. I get it!

But you have to want something for yourself, too.  Yes, you are a mom [running with that example], but you are a person too. Self-growth is essential to keep us feeling alive, to keep us excited for the future, to keep us evolving so we can handle that future!

And ladies, wanting something for yourself is NOT selfish.

It’s called self-care. The better you are – mentally, physically and spiritually – the more others,  including your kiddos, will benefit from your presence.

So stop putting your dreams to the wayside. Stop thinking you shouldn’t go for it. Stop thinking you can’t achieve anything you truly want. Stop thinking you don’t deserve it.

I mean…what’s the worst that could happen when you try? Fail, but learn another life lesson that’s crucial to who you’re supposed to be and where you’re ultimately going? Yep. It’s a win / win situation, in my mind.

Start with baby steps. Grab a pen and paper. Take some time to write down exactly what you want for yourself this year. With a little strategic planning and a clear, step-by-step plan of attack, you can make anything happen.

You have to be patient, though. I’m a girl that’s into instant gratification. So, I had a rude awakening when I grew up and found out that our dreams don’t just come true because we want them to. True progress and self-growth don’t happen overnight.

It’s a funny thing really – you don’t know how far you’ve come [because we all don’t give ourselves enough credit for the little wins along the way] until a year has gone by, and we look back on all that has changed. It’s like weight loss. We can’t see or feel our progress every day. No one else notices or validates our hard work. And the scale sure as hell doesn’t tell us. It’s not until time has lapsed and we look back at our before and after pictures, that we see the real, significant transformation.

As much as I hate to say it [because I’m still wishing for my instant gratification], the saying we always throw around holds truth:

Anything worth having in life is worth fighting for.

If you’re in love with the end result, try to fall in love with the struggle along the way. If you’re really set on achieving the goal, you have to be content with what it takes to get there. Fall in love with the pain, the sweat, the tears, the wait, the late nights, the extra effort. Because, when you fall in love with the process, that’s when the good stuff happens!

So what are you waiting for? Make your goals known, to yourself and to the world.

That’s what I’m doing with my new 2016 ‘Goal Digger’ planner by Etsy’s Hey Bride Boutique that I’m seriously OBSESSED with. A day-to-day planner isn’t enough to make your dreams come true. You need a step-by-step guide that outlines your daily, weekly and monthly efforts with deadlines for each. Deadlines are crucial. You won’t tackle anything in a timely fashion if you don’t give yourself a due date! This planner goes even further too, by offering a goal analysis at the end of each month that allows us to look back on our mini goals and assess how far we’ve come.





Seriously, goal setting is not overrated. It can be as little as a daily run, drinking more water, taking your vitamins, lowering social media intake, taking in more God and spending more time with your kids, or as big as running a half marathon, getting a promotion, paying off debt and ‘finding yourself.’

I truly believe, as crazy as it sounds, that goal setting can make or break your 2016 year.

If you’re not into writing down your goals, grab a ‘goal buddy’ and try this fun & imaginative exercise with them. Thanks to Mind, Body, Green for that one. [Love the idea of it!]

Remember: the more you think big, the more likely you will go big!

You got this.



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