A day in the life of my diet

Taking care of yourself – especially in a tough time – is absolutely necessary to come out the other side a better and stronger person for it. It’s your only choice really – that is if you don’t want to stay stuck, depressed and defeated where you are. As hard as self-care might be when your energy and spirit are at an all-time low, it’s what is going to nourish and heal your soul back to life.

Harder said than done, I know. I’m not saying to ignore the feelings. But know that where you are right now is a temporary state. Treat it that way. Feel what you need to, but at the end of the day, remember that you only have YOU. What you do that day for yourself will stick with you. Choose to respect and love your body, mind and spirit through positive, self-loving talk and actions. It’s easy to turn to short-lived fixes that make you feel better in the moment, but the self-hating and sabotaging behaviors [binge-eating, drinking, etc.] don’t serve you long.

Where am I going with this?

One way to nourish your soul is through food.

If you nurture your body with nutritious foods, your body [and more importantly, your mind] will be better able to withstand anything life throws at you.

As I’m getting back on my feet, one of my goals is to get MYSELF back. Part of that goal is getting back to the body that I love and feel comfortable in. That means controlling the food that goes into my mouth [obvi]. Given that my eating disorder demon is still well within me [damn you], I have to be super careful how I go about this. Unlike normal people, if I make too many foods ‘off limit,’ I’ll go right for the french fries, peanut butter, Ben & Jerry’s and any other sugary goodness on the ‘no eat’ list.

Yes, I’m pretty screwed up when it comes to food. But, at least I’m aware of it, right? 😉 And because I’m aware of it, I know I have to weave my guilty pleasures into my every day life to keep me on the right track. We all know if we eat a little bit of what we crave, it loses its appeal [or so we hope].

If you are somewhat on the same journey as me – healing your soul from some difficulty while also trying to take care of yourself [and maybe cut a little weight] – take a hint from my everyday diet. I get my essential vitamins & minerals, while also savoring red wine and cream in my coffee. Basically, I maintain my nutrition but keep my sanity with alcohol.

Just kiddinggggggggg. Or am I? 😉

What are your diet tricks to stay on track?


photo 4supplements

I’m not taking many supplements at the moment – much less than usual!

  • Multi-Vitamin: Yes, I still take my prenatal because it has all the good stuff in it and it doesn’t hurt! I’ll probably switch back to the regular after this bottle is done.
  • L-carnitine: I take L-carnitine in the morning right when I wake up before my fasted cardio workout. This amino acid supplement helps with fat metabolizing, so it not only keeps your body from storing fat but it also increases your aerobic capacity to help you burn more calories. Taken on an empty stomach right before exercise = FAT INCINERATOR!! Cha-ching.
  • Fish Oil: This omega-3 fatty acid is my jam and should be yours too. I love it for its fat loss effects and mood-boosting capabilities, but its a powerhouse when it comes to its overall health benefits, period.

photo 2diet

I usually have a high-protein breakfast with some carbs – think eggs/egg whites [I usually combine the two] with sauteed veggies mixed in or toast with peanut butter. Always a cup of coffee in hand too. Confession – I drink REAL creamer. The sugar-free crap just doesn’t cut it. As I see it – YOLO. Plus, I’m pretty certain that it’s not my one cup of coffee that’s making my ass grow, it’s the french fry binges [it happens…shoot me].

photo 3apples

I try to consume my healthy carbs in the first part of my day so I’m fueled for the rest of the day, but also have time to burn through them. If I have time and am hungry for a mid-morning snack, I usually turn to a small apple, cheese stick and turkey roll-ups, raw veggies & a veggie ranch dip or a brown-rice rice cake and peanut butter [can you tell I have an ongoing love affair with peanut butter?]. PS – If you can stand almond butter, it’s better for you! But I’m MORE satisfied with peanut butter while maintaining the same protein intake. The only thing I don’t get is the extra omega’s, but that’s what my supplement is for anyway 😉

photo 4salad

My lunches usually consist of a salad or protein-filled whole wheat wrap. If I’m working out that day, I usually eat a mixture of protein AND carbs at lunch. If I’m not, I switch to my lower-carb meal options. On this particular day, I was craving chicken salad. Although healthy [for the most part] and high in protein, you have to be careful with how much chicken salad you consume depending on the mayo content. The calories can really creep up fast with this dish no matter how healthy its substance is. So I plopped about half a cup on top of lots of spinach, romaine, raw broccoli and cucumbers.

photo (1)brown rice cakes

HANDS DOWN my FAVORITE SNACK. I go everywhere with my rice cakes and peanut butter. Perfect blend of carbs and protein to give me fuel and keep me satisfied. And, I get to lick the peanut butter spoon after [the best part].


photo (2)porkchop

Here are two of my back-to-back dinners. You get the point. Always low-carb, yet super super delicious. Top meal is my homemade chili [the first of the season!] and the second is a baked pork chop on a bed of smashed cauliflower. Stay tuned for my chili recipe…it will be up on the blog so soon!

photo 2_wine

I usually end the day with a glass of wine and/or weight watchers 40-calorie fudge bar. But I definitely stick to my alcohol rules, no matter what. Nom. Nom. Nom.

Life is about enjoying it. Make sure you don’t deprive yourself too much when it comes to delicious food & drink ❤

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