Is fear holding you back?


I always take too many photos. I think it’s an addiction of mine. So, in order to allow my phone to continue functioning properly, I have to go in and delete photos that are taking up space. Today, I stumbled upon a screenshot from a passage in Oprah’s book, This I Know For Sure, that I had taken while reading. This short, but powerful message rattled me to the core when I read it. And it rattled me to the core when I reread it today. The only difference is, today I really needed it. I really needed confirmation or a sign from the universe that I was doing the right thing.

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~Oprah, “This I Know For Sure”

I recently stepped out on a leap of faith and made a really big decision. One that I didn’t know I had the courage to do. We surprise ourselves like that sometimes. But it’s weird – one moment, you can be so positive, confident and sure of yourself, and the next minute, you can tear yourself to shreds analyzing whether you did the right thing.

Actions have consequences, whether bad or good. There is always a cause and then a reaction. I think no matter how sure we are of ourselves in the moment, we all deep down fear the potential regrets, negative emotions, judgement, hurt and ultimate long-term effects of said action.

But why do we question ourselves when at one moment in time, we felt in our hearts [and deep in our guts] that the decision was 100% what we wanted and needed? If we are true to ourselves and really in tune with our inner being, then why do we second-guess what our heart, higher power and the universe is trying to tell us?

Because of fear.

Fear of maybe we’re wrong. Fear of maybe that it’s actually ourselves that are the problem. Fear that we haven’t tried enough things to make it right. Fear of being alone. Fear of judgement. Fear of losing the only thing we know. Fear of change. Fear of letting go. Fear of a new lifestyle. Fear of finding out who our friends are and aren’t. Fear of being hurt. Fear of vulnerability. Fear of losing control. Fear of not feeling wanted anymore. Fear of backlash. Fear of….anything.

Oprah’s right. What if we stripped away our ultimate fears. What if our fears weren’t even a possibility?

We’d be able to see ourselves more clear, live more confidently and own our lives fully. We’d stand up for ourselves, what we believe in and what we deserve the first time around without hesitation. We’d be our own bosses driving our own show without input from anyone or any fear. We’d make the decision and own it, period.

There’d be a whole lot more trust in the world too. But more importantly, there’d be a whole lot more trust that we’d have in ourselves.

So how do we put this into action and apply it to our own lives? [I’m learning with you :)]

–>  If you have to make a difficult decision, first, eliminate “what could happen” aka what you fear the most, and see what your heart tells you then. Don’t ignore the message because I’ll promise you this: it will come back to haunt you time and time again, in different forms each time.

–>  After you eliminate the possibility of your worst fears, really look inside and listen. I bet, you will see yourself and the situation at hand with a lot more clarity.

–>  And then TRUST. Trust your heart. Trust that this situation or decision has presented itself to you for a reason and that your response to it will not kick you down but catapult you forward.

The ego will most definitely insert itself into this process. You will feel resistance inside. This will come in the form of questioning, sadness, regret, over thinking, anxiety, fatigue, lack of confidence, you name it. An inner voice [not our true voice], also known as our ego, tends to feed on the negative, the insecurities, the gloom. When it feels as though you are finally taking the reins of your life, the ego will start to lose power. And it doesn’t like that. Fight this negative influence and remain strong. Again, TRUST in yourself, your higher power and the larger plan that’s at work.

Like Oprah said, if you are willing to change your perspective and open your heart to this struggle that has been set before you, you will, in time, uncover the purpose of the pain in addition to your true strength and better self.

Right now, I’ve made the decision I acknowledged above. I am feeling the resistance full-force — all of the uncomfortable emotions. Some days, I’ll let it knock me down [literally] and other days, I hold my head high knowing there is a reason for the right-here-and-now. Believe me, I’m not perfect. I’ll be honest: I’m second-guessing and over analyzing every word, every action, every anything that’s tied to this decision. It’s debilitating. It’s unhealthy. And it will not serve me or carry me through if I allow it to continue.

Life can throw you curve-balls and they have the ability to cripple you [and will]. But what you have to always keep in the back of your mind is that no struggle is ever just a struggle. It’s always paired with an opportunity that’s right around the corner. If you stay strong, keep the right attitude, remain in faith, concentrate only on you, and trust, it will surprise you when you least expect  it.

So that’s what I’m doing now. I’m letting go and letting my faith and the universe take over.

Whatever is meant to be will be.
👆 We should all repeat that saying together. Really convincing ourselves that every life happening has a purpose, that we will be OKAY and that whatever God has in store for us will eventually be discovered…it’s a really FREEING thing. It allows us to let go of our fears and find peace in the struggle.

It will take practice, but let’s try it together 💕

Spiritual Life Coach Zach Tavcar ‹ Reader —

Photo Source: Spiritual Life Coach

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