Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

I love asparagus for its nutritional value, but I cannot for the life of me make it taste good! I have tried every spice and cooking technique known to the cooking race, and have failed time and time again. It’s more than likely operator, or in this case “cooker” error, but it has not deterred me from finding the magic touch.

And guess what? The magic touch is BACON. I mean really, when is it not? Add bacon to anything and it’s sure to create an orgasm in your mouth. Too provocative? Sorry, it’s true. And take it from me, it’s definitely true with asparagus.

The best part: you still get the health factor. Bacon adds fat while adding flavor, but in this day in age, fat is a good thing. I recommend organic bacon since it’s the least processed of all bacon [bacon can be one of the most processed foods on grocery store shelves…ICK]. You can use thick cut bacon but honestly, it’s harder to wrap around the asparagus. And don’t even think about turkey bacon. Besides the fact that turkey bacon can be as unhealthy as regular bacon, it lacks the juices [due to little fat] necessary to moisten and flavor the asparagus. Borinnnnggggggg. [plus, it will literally crisp up and fall off…no bueno]

Remember, once you serve your dish, you can always eliminate some of the bacon to lower your fat intake. But again, borinnnnnggggg 😉

Last night, I kept it low carb and added only all-natural chicken sausage to finish off the menu. But if you’re needing a little extra fuel, serve on a bed of quinoa or brown rice.

Honestly, if you’re like me, you give up on healthy eating if it’s not adventurous and fun. You also have to find creative ways to reinvent dishes that incorporate your favorite guilty pleasures. If you don’t indulge in your favorite foods [like bacon or peanut butter ;)], you’ll always be fighting your inner food voice [which is exhausting and almost always leads to diet sabotage…not what we’re going for].

Hope you enjoy as much as I do!!

Your fellow chef-in-progress

  • Organic or regular asparagus [organic is better since there isn’t an outer layer that shields it from chemicals]
  • Organic / all-natural bacon
  • Pepper
  • Salt [pink himalayan salt is the BEST and has the least amount of sodium…I don’t have any right now so it’s not pictured]
  • Fresh garlic or garlic powder
  • Cooking spray, extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil
  • Preheat your oven to 350 degrees F. Some recipes recommend 400 degrees; however, I’ve learned that 350 degrees works best as it allows the asparagus to cook slowly and soak up all the juices. It also prevents the bacon from getting too crispy.
  • Sauté bacon in frying pan only half way. It will cook the rest of the way in the oven. Take out of pan and pat down to soak up any extra fat/grease. Set aside.
  • Wash asparagus. No need to cut off the little leaves on the side of the asparagus.
  • Spray cooking spray or spread extra virgin olive oil or melted coconut oil on cooking sheet.
  • Lay asparagus side by side, horizontally down the cooking sheet.
  • Season with pepper, salt and garlic/garlic powder.
  • Cut each piece of bacon in two. Wrap one piece of bacon around one asparagus stem.
  • Put the cooking sheet in the oven for 20 – 25 minutes, or until asparagus is soft.

Then, bon appétit!


chicken sausage



*Remember, I recommend pink himalayan salt, but didn’t have any on hand 😦 Read more on why it’s the best bet when it comes to salt [because obvi we can’t live without salt].




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