My fall fashion indulgences

Pretty clothes are the way to a girls heart. I mean, with one swipe of the credit card, it seems like our worries are washed away. Am I right or am I right? 😉

But, seriously. Clothing your body in a way that makes you feel beautiful, confident and sassy, no matter what size or shape you are, is totally worth the price tag [contrary to what your husband says]. Yes, long-term self love, satisfaction and confidence comes from within, but there’s no shame in a little boost now and again. Fashion has the power to completely transform how you see yourself, in the moment. It’s a pretty cool and empowering thing, so much so that it’s actually deemed a potential addiction, like cocaine, alcohol & gambling [I can see why].

Without going overboard, it’s always fun to indulge a little each season. And that’s just what I did this past week. FALL is my FAVORITE time of year for a few reasons: running in the cool air, watching the leaves magically change colors, sipping red wine on the porch, whipping up my favorite chili, dark sultry lip colors and can you guess the last one? FASHION! Fall, hands-down, is my favorite season when it comes to style. Chic booties, scarves, hats, layering, oh my, these are a few of my favorite things… [I think I combined two different musicals there…but you get my drift ;)]

So, after a trip to my favorite Triangle boutique, Vestique, among a few other stops, I’m sharing what I came home with. Nothing crazy, but I’m super stoked to rock these pieces now that the cooler air is making its debut.

What are some fall staples that you can’t live without?




Wool Felt Fedora
Old Navy – $19.99

I’m obsessed with big hats, especially this one. I just had to have it. The color is perfect for fall and it goes with almost every outfit. Great for a day time look – heading to the farmer’s market or a wine tasting – or for a night out on the town. If you keep scrolling, I actually pair this with a LBD maxi, woven belt & long, vintage gem necklace.


Throw On & Go Top
Vestique – $24

Maroon, flowy, light-weight, boho-inspired top. Perfect for layering with a vest or by itself. It’s comfy yet sexy at the same time. It’s simple but makes a statement, and just like the name says, you can literally throw it on and go. Make sure to accessorize with a chain-like necklace that features some pop of color, like blue or green. The top is simple so it needs just a little jazz to make the look complete.

Falling for Floral Sweater
Vestique – $33

I get where the name comes from because I’ve fallen HARD for this top. I’ve paired it with black leggings, cute pair of booties and simple gold accessories – think earrings, bangles and stacked rings. I recommend staying away from necklaces with this top because there so much pretty on top that you don’t want to take away from it. Let the floral say everything.

Tribal Locket Necklace
Ann Taylor Loft – $29.99 [but I got it on sale – eek!]

If you know me, you know my style – head to toe – is hippie / boho-inspired. So naturally, I melt when I see anything tribal. I usually don’t indulge in necklaces that often, because quite frankly, I think they are always way over priced. Plus, I’m more of a simple gal so I gravitate to bangles [the clanging makes me feel fancy], statement rings and unique earrings to accessorize. BUT, when I saw this necklace, I knew it could be multi-functional. I mean, it meshes with my style like ‘whoa’ and with my wardrobe, I could probably wear it with every outfit. The ‘sale’ sign screaming at me probably helped a bit, too. Either way, this purchase was ‘on fleek.’


Vestique Vest

Indian Fringe Vest
Vestique – $42

OMG, just look at the fringe on this vest. To top it off, the vest has POCKETS. Gals, you know anything with pockets – dresses, tunics, vests, you name it – is GOLD. Not only is this vest super functional, but you can layer it on top of literally anything. Personally, I’ll probably pair it with my black tunic dress [like the one pictured above] or a simple, flowy top like my new ‘Throw On & Go Top.’ I feel like any gal who rocks this will for sure turn heads from both sexes 😉 This is the piece I’m most excited to flaunt [stay tuned for pics]!


Faux Suede Heeled Bootie
Express – $59.99 [I had a $15 reward so I got these for $45…whoop!]

I don’t do booties. Don’t get me wrong, I love booties. But, I’m 5 feet tall. When I’m on the heavier end of my weight and a tad more muscular [like now…no shame in it], booties can cut off my already midget legs and strip me of the elongated, lean, sleek look that I’m going for. That all changed when I found these gems. This bootie flaunts the perfect heel height that’s comfy and functional yet still sexy. The most crucial feature – the aspect that I’m always looking for in a bootie [like it’s a relationship ;)] – is where the shaft hits my ankle. This bootie magically sits at just the right place to accentuate my leg muscle [without bulking] and give the illusion of a longer-than-real leg. I . just . am. in. love. [insert kisses]


Cowl-Neck Sweater Poncho
Old Navy – $39 [Again, I got this 40% off…I’m that good…]

This sweater poncho is SO stinkin’ comfy, not too mention WARM. And guess what…it’s ‘winter sexy; too. I’m not sure if it’s the perfect color taupe that blends seamlessly with my skin tone & blondie locks or the fact that it hits right at my mid-thigh, but it creates the perfect functional yet sassy, chic daytime look. I recommend layering over a solid or pattern long-sleeve and pairing it with leggings, knee-high boots [flat or heel] and a necklace with a pop of color. This is a simple top so you definitely need some color to jazz it up – think statement ring, long necklace or wrist frost. Stay away from layering scarves with this piece – it’s so bulky at the neck and already offers the warmth that you need.

Mini Cargo Flight Jacket 
Ann Taylor Loft [I got this on sale too ;)]

I bought this jacket at the end of the summer season / beginning of Fall. So it’s perfect for that in-between coolness that requires a shield but not full-on parka. I love this jacket because it’s for the phase of fall in which you can still pull off light, airy and fashionable cover ups. Once you get to cooler temps, jackets transform to solve more of a practical problem [to keep you warm] than making a fashion statement. I’m lucky because I feel like this jacket does both…for now. Plus, the color…oh my, the color.


Lou & Grey Knit Black Maxi
Ann Taylor Loft – $ ON SALE!

This simple black maxi is one of those staples that every girl should have. You can layer, accessorize, you name it. It’s beautiful, classy and chic all at the same time. The best thing about this particular Lou & Grey maxi is that it’s so lightweight that it can pass for a summer frock or early fall piece. I love to add a colorful jacket, vest or hat to give this look just the pop it needs. I told you I was simple, so I appreciate this dress more than you even know 😉

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