Why staying off social media might be a good idea

Today’s society has made it so hard for women to feel happy and confident in who they are. We live our lives on social media, a platform that does a damn good job at only highlighting the best of everyone’s lives. People only blast out the perfectly lighted/photoshopped/enhanced version of themselves [I think we are all guilty of this]. I mean, why would you put out anything else?

Let’s be real, ya’ll. You don’t see the muffin top after pizza and beer night with your hunny; only the sucked-in, ab-alicious shot first thing in the morning in which you are perfectly angled in the position you have mastered after long hours in the bathroom mirror. You don’t see the drawn out fights with a significant other or their new sleeping spot on the couch after; only the rare “just because” flowers your “best friend, soul mate and #LOML” sent. You don’t see the sadness from a miscarriage a couple just experienced; only the selfie from the air on the way to their get-away vacation to escape the overwhelming tragedy. You don’t see the everyday struggle a fitness enthusiast has with food and the scale; only her doing rep after rep in the gym to forget the emptiness, exhaustion and depression she has because of it. Get my drift?


Social media brainwashes you into thinking everyone’s bodies, careers and lives are so much better than yours. You start to compare your body to the other girl’s, your relationship to “that couple,” your successes and failures to the next person on your feed. Your mind slowly shifts to “I’m not good enough” and then “how can I change to be more perfect, successful, lovable, wealthier, etc.” Been there? We all have. It’s human nature.


It’s okay to have goals to strive toward and things you’d like to transform in your life, but it’s also okay to be happy where you are, right now. I take that back. It’s not okay…it’s ABSOLUTELY essential to love and be content with yourself in the here and now. No matter what you are going through, others have gone through it too [they just might not make it their status update]. News flash: you are here for a reason. You are how you are, exactly the size you are, going through exactly what you are for a larger purpose. God doesn’t take you through troubled times to leave you there. He has a plan designed ONLY for YOU and this season of your life, believe it or not, is part of that plan.

Just because you see someone else having more success than you right now, doesn’t mean God doesn’t have your milestone lined up for you right around the corner. You might be seeing these “highlights” in everyone else’s life right now, but that doesn’t mean you are failing at anything, aren’t as good as them or aren’t as DESERVING as them. Your time IS COMING! Concentrate on YOU. You are your only competitor. Do the best you can day in and day out, and enjoy the process. Be kind to yourself. This is your life and your story, and it’s a beautiful one, in times of rain and in times of sunshine.

Oh, and while you’re at it, stay off social media. I recently deleted Facebook off my phone. It was hard at first, like trying to break any other addiction [sad, I know]. But, as the days went on, I found myself reaching for it less and less. And you know what? I also found myself feeling lighter, happier and less stressed/anxious. I’m going through some things right now in my life, and I noticed as I scrolled through my feed that my entire being shifted, in a negative way. I felt anger seeing new baby announcements, disappointment in myself viewing before-and-after body transformations, jealously scrolling over pictures of the newly-announced Carolina Hurricanes cheerleaders [because I’ve convinced myself – or social media has – that I was younger, skinnier, prettier, happier, blah, blah, blah, then], and the list goes on.

But GUESS WHAT folks: there’s so much more to life than what you see through the screen. Once you distance yourself, I promise your spirit will be lifted and you’ll have more time to concentrate on YOU [in a healthy way], not anyone else.

You are beautiful, in the here and now, and don’t let anyone or anything [especially Facebook] tell you otherwise.



5 Replies to “Why staying off social media might be a good idea”

  1. I absolutely agree! People are trying too hard to build up their virtual images on social media and losing themselves in reality. In a world where everyone’s competing over social media profiles, it is frustrating to enjoy life to the fullest. Good post!

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