Find what brings YOU to life & follow it, however little or silly it may be

Designing and creating beautiful things makes me feel happy, period. I’m not a pro by any means, but I do have that creative fire somewhere deep down that has come to life here recently. And I’m rolling with it!

I’ve been learning calligraphy and hand lettering, designing, planning and executing full-out weddings, creating simple yet elegant handmade, hand-lettered tote bags for soon-to-be brides & bridesmaids, cultivating personal hand-lettered stationary and the list goes on. I’m not making a million dollars on this by any means [hardly anything actually!], BUT it makes me feel good. It brings me a lot of joy, actually.

It’s funny – when you seem to find what lights your fire and makes your heart happy, and you follow it incessantly and live it passionately [day in and day out], it’s like you slowly start to see yourself and your life around you transform. Your heart probably feels a little lighter, you probably smile a little more, day-to-day activities seem less of a drag, you have a sense of excitement for each day, you carry around more positive energy that ends up infecting those around you, the feel-good feeling you have on the inside starts to glow on the outside, you feel less stress and anxiety overall, you have a calm about you that most would be jealous of, and I could go on and on. Am I right?

What brings you to life can be ANYTHING – not even your actual full-time career [sometimes you even need something extra]. It can be little everyday hobbies and talents, like running, reading, professional development, self-help, meditation, yoga, design, home decorating, rescuing and restoring furniture, building things, planning events/parties, trying new foods, trying new/weird beer, blogging, helping people, charity – literally, ANYTHING. If it makes you happy, no matter how weird, expensive, time-consuming or challenging it is, FOLLOW IT.

For me, one of my silly hobbies lately [like I said above], is learning hand-lettering and designing simple, yet fun bags for soon-to-be brides & bridesmaids [goes hand-in-hand with the wedding planning I do]. Some would say I have way too many interests and hobbies, but is that really possible? ;).

Check this bag out that I made for FMB readers ONLY! You can find more at my Etsy Shop: Vintage Bella Boutique. Hope you enjoy & always remember the message on the bag [and the message within this blog] 🙂



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