Sometimes life’s little things can surprise you, awaken you and change your direction entirely

If you always do what makes your heart happy, you’ll never work a day in your life, right?

The problem for me is, at almost 30 years old, I’m still trying to figure out my true purpose and passion[s]. I think, as you move through life, these tend to change. You change. What you value changes. And thus the direction you are taking shifts. And that’s OKAY! I’ve been so hard on myself not being where I thought I’d be career-wise at this point in my life, but you know what? SO many other people aren’t either! If you are at least following what your gut is telling you and your heart is confirming it along the way – through the feeling of joy, satisfaction and contentment – then I honestly think, you [and me] are doing just fine.

I graduated with a degree in public relations. I’ve worked for seven full years in public relations. I’ve also done stints in journalism, editing, blogging, personal training, health coaching, wedding planning, design, home decorating and the list goes on. All of these make my heart happy. Literally, ALL OF THEM. But what I’ve learned the hard way is this: You CANNOT be successful if you don’t pick one [or two ;)]. You have to find your TRUE passion and run with it. The one that brings your soul to life, creates a fire inside of you, challenges you day in and day out and motivates and excites you to get up and get at em’ every darn day. It starts with what makes you happy and then it continues with fully immersing yourself in this life, in this talent, in this industry. It’s only when you FULLY commit yourself to ONE thing that you can fully reap the benefits of your passion, hard work and persistent dedication. You don’t find happiness OR success from hopping around from one thing to the next. You actually find yourself lost, disappointed, hopeless, unsuccessful and TIRED. And I don’t mean BODY tired, I mean SPIRIT tired.

TAKE IT FROM ME. Yes, I have a whole lot of really cool talents. But I’ve gone nowhere fast. So, guess what? I think it’s time to really sink my heels in and pick one that’s going to take me through this life, or at least the foreseeable future.

Where am I going with all of this, you ask? I think this weekend and this one SPECIAL bride made that choice a little easier for me. I’ve planned more events than I can count – trade shows, sports events, book tours, media meet-and-greets, red carpet showings, corporate parties – you name it. But weddings, I’ve found, are where my heart is. And the wedding this weekend – the bride, the groom, the family, the venue, the flowers, the wonderful vendors, the special experience – it was the highlight of my whole month. Yes, it is hard work, stressful, tiring, detail-oriented, blah, blah, blah. But it is SO WORTH IT! It is fully true that the one thing that tries you the most, is the one that is the most rewarding.

So today I’m sharing the culmination of everyone’s hard work this weekend. I loved being able to help plan and coordinate Alex & Mike’s big day. I gave my all for their big day, but what they don’t know is that they gave me MORE. The gratitude I received from the family and the vendors, the smiles and ‘thank you’s’ from guests I didn’t even know, the fun the bridesmaids & groomsmen included me in [when they didn’t have to], the confidence the FOB instilled in me doing his boutenier & pocket fold [not my specialty…], the laugh I got when the sheriff showed up because we were all having way too much fun – it all warmed my heart more than they know. And that’s what life is about. That is what following and living your passion SHOULD feel like!

So to Alex & Mike and their entire family and friends, it’s not you who needs to thank me, it’s me who needs to thank YOU.

Hope you enjoy the pics from yesterday! If you’re getting married in the Triangle, NC area, be sure to holler at me 🙂



PS: KUDOS to Alex for her beautiful vision and all the vendors for bringing it to life [Rocky Top Catering, Simply Elegant Floral Design, Jay Rogers DJ-ing, inContrast Images, Cakes by Chloe, The Bradford, etc.]

Wedding 5

This is our white wedding easel that Alex rented. It showcases my very own hand lettering that I’m still practicing and perfecting. It’s getting better by the minute but still has a long way to go 😉


Our rustic crates that Alex also rented. Love how she used them as a picture display surrounded by simple, but elegant bud vases, single-stem flowers and votives.


I’m OBSESSED with this vintage chest that’s part of The Bradford’s every day venue decor. We utilized it for the guest’s escort cards.


More signage. Easels also rented via yours truly.


Wedding favor = koozies. Always a winner. Another rented easel to let guests know they can take a favor from the bar.



The full table look. Centerpieces done by the talented Anna from Simply Elegant Floral Designs. I’m just in AWE of what she can create. Be sure to check out her Instagram for all of her lovely creations. When I’m bored and need a pick-me-up, I just look through her feed 😉


The terrace post ceremony / during reception. We utilized this space for a cocktail area / bar / seating area. It ended up being slightly breezy and oh-so-beautiful last night so this space was used quite a bit!


Aren’t you OBSESSED with this sofa? Another everyday piece featured at The Bradford. We had to use this as part of our decor!


Buffet table. Small, but elegant, not to mention DELICIOUS. All done by Rocky Top Catering. Bravo. They have an AMAZING team that’s so in sync and that makes every little detail a breeze to get through.


Do you know that florals are just THROWN AWAY after EVERY wedding? That should be a crime. So they come home to be with me for the next week or two. These are all of my arrangements spread across my house, thanks to Alex & Anna 😉 Happiness everywhere for sure.

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