A little calligraphy & a lot of pretty makes my heart happy

It’s time for #calligraphyyall [check out that Insta #]! Last night I spent time with some lovely ladies at The Doodling Bug of Apex learning calligraphy with the beautiful & oh-so-talented Maghon Taylor. Maghon is the owner of the [now] famous All She Wrote Notes that I found out has been alive and thriving for only two years. She is full time & big time now, running this business as her sole career! I’m always super amazed and inspired to see other lady entrepreneurs rockin’ the thing they love the most. If you work your passion day-in & day-out, you’ll never work a day in your life, right? Go Maghon!

On another note, you’ve got another calligrapher in the house! What a great night full of positive energy, lots of laughs, a little wine, a million swirls and ink, ink, ink, everywhere!! Life is about finding the little moments that bring you joy, and this was definitely one of those moments for me!

Everyone always says:

do one thing every day that makes your heart happy.

Well, calligraphy is one of those pretty things that can always make you smile [in my humble opinion]. If you’re needing a little pretty in your life, find Maghon and take her class. She does weekly classes at cute shops that are like secret gems [The Doodling Bug!] anywhere from Burlington to Garner. You won’t regret it – promise!

For now, check out how I did and my morning-after trial run…

photo 1

photo 2




The morning after…


Not too shabby, right? This was with a sharpie too, not even the calligraphy pen I got to take home [eep!]. PS – She gives you ALL the supplies you need in a cute little pink pen case [gosh, she’s the best].

Stay tuned for more practice and new things coming down the pipeline for Ramsey’s Rustics. Hint: a little #calligraphyyall has a lot to do with what’s up next!

Have you taken a calligraphy class? What did you think?!

Happy Friday!! Have a great weekend.


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