Create beauty in your life

Creating beautiful things makes me feel beautiful. And that’s why my husband and I do it! We enjoy dreaming and designing beautiful pieces of work, and then bringing them to life. And obvi, the QT we get together too 🙂 It’s somewhat of a bonding experience for us – we are able to connect on a deeper level and laugh the whole way through it – which makes me feel truly blessed to have him, this life, and this fun hobby [and now business!] together. It’s a pretty cool thing, wouldn’t you say? I would.

Remember, it’s the small things in life that bring the greatest joy and fulfillment. The reality is, I have some pretty challenging things happening in life right now and I could’ve spent Sunday moping, dreading and feeling anxious that Monday was about to hit full force. But I didn’t. I stayed present, did something I’m passionate about, surrounded myself with love [my hubby and fur babies], and soaked up the sunshine [that can make anyone happy!]. And guess what? I was able to savor every moment. I definitely went to bed with a happy heart full of gratitude. And that’s what life is all about.

So the FUN part: I’m sharing our creations from our Sunday Funday!
Wood1How BEAUTIFUL are the striations in this wood? Weird that it gets me excited, right? 😉 But this texture gives the pieces character. Depending on the texture, the paint or stain we apply will take on different looks, giving each individual piece it’s own unique personality. Today, we chose paint!


Today, we created some new designs for our Etsy Shop! We are super faithful people so we love to use bible verses for inspiration. Thus why one of my favorite creations has one of my most beloved verses: “Live in love.” We also designed wall art for a little girl’s room, other love-inspired pieces and a full-on wedding sign package [which I am SUPER pumped about]! If you can tell, every piece we create comes from a special place. We make sure to infuse our own little touch and more importantly, lots and lots of love. We truly love designing these pieces, but we get more pleasure out of knowing they will soon warm the hearts of others, too! [Corny, I know ;)]


This is my husband getting our designs ready to apply to the wood! Sometimes we apply vinyl, sometimes we paint, sometimes we hand-do our designs – it just depends on the look and feel we are going for. Today we did a combination of it all!

And now for the grand finale…drum roll pretty please…

Some of our final products, ladies and gents:

Who else feels beautiful creating beautiful things? If you’re wanting to be crafty, but don’t know where to start, let us know. We are always willing to guide creative beginners!

Welp. Successful Sunday, I’d say. Now, let’s make Monday just as productive! Have a fantastic day, ya’ll!!




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