Welcome to FMB!

Welcome to my new lifestyle blog where I will be raw and real about my ongoing journey to find what really makes me feel beautiful, alive, authentic and whole. Slowing down, becoming present and finding [and then appreciating] the little miracles in everyday moments is what life is all about. It’s the smallest of things that will give you the most joy, love, peace and fulfillment, you just have to be ready to open your eyes and your heart. Here, I’ll be sharing my journey to opening up my soul to this life and how it is completely transforming [it’s a constant practice, not a destination] my perspective and how I see this world. The universe is a beautiful place and so are YOU. All you have to do is slightly alter the lens in which you see this world.

If you’re struggling to find the beauty in yourself and the life you live, stick with me. I can help you start to pinpoint the little blessings in your life that if seen in the right light and acted upon properly, can ultimately transform you into a better, more authentic, happy, content and purposeful self. Life shouldn’t be toxic, stale and unhappy; it should be full of positive light, energy and people.

Let’s make that shift together! I can’t wait to take this journey with YOU and help you find what makes this life and you feel BEAUTIFUL too ❤




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